The Woolshed Char Grill and Saloon Bar

No Cairns Ultimate Party tour would be complete without a visit to The Woolshed! This place is an institution in Cairns and is known by backpackers the world over for its cheap eats, drinks and dancing on the tables.

This Spence Street venue has been entertaining the masses for over 17 years. Why do we visit? The Woolshed has a reputation for good times and at Ultimate Party, that’s what we’re all about! Voted Queensland’s best backpacker venue four years in a row, The Woolshed is where memories are made (or best forgotten).

The venue has an inner-city location and multi-level party feel. The music is mixed and loud, so belt out a tune at the only Cairns nightclub where dancing on the tables is not only allowed – it’s encouraged.

The Ultimate Party hits The Woolshed on its Wednesday run.

As a part of The Ultimate Party crew, you get FREE entry to The Woolshed and VIP treatment. You also get vouchers and a Platinum Club Card, which means you can go back and enjoy it all again, even after The Ultimate Party has finished, now that’s value!

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